Van Wert Company

Exclusive Authorized Distributor of Itron in Iowa


With its exceptional accuracy and reliability, our innovative meter has become the market leader in solid-state metering. It offers an integrated automatic meter reading (AMR) platform for the future at a cost that makes sense for today's residential market.

CENTRON® Polyphase Meter

Building on the exceptional performance of the CENTRON product line, the CENTRON Polyphase has the solid-state accuracy you expect from the CENTRON, and all the advanced functionality you need to meet the demands of low- to mid-tier commercial and industrial customers.

Centron® C12.19 Meter 

This residential meter is available with interchangeable personality modules that snap into the standard CENTRON metrology base. The three multi-function modules available utilize the ANSI Tables protocol in a demand module (C1SD), a time-of-use (TOU) module with demand (C1ST), and a load profile module with TOU and demand (C1SL).


Our solid-state, multi-measurement polyphase meter offers superior accuracy and voltage quality monitoring for use in high-tier commercial and industrial locations. Industry-leading communications capabilities and a wide range of software options let you view critical C&I data in the form you need.
Van Wert Company has some Sentinel polyphase meters left in stock and on-site in their warehouse. 
Itron Optical Probes and driver for Gemalto Meter Key Card Reader
Itron optical probes are used in conjunction with the PC-Pro+ Advanced software.

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