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Water ERT® Modules
The 100W+ ERT® communication module is the latest addition to Itron’s portfolio of advanced metering devices for water utilities. Featuring a compact design, industry leading battery life and technology designed to adapt and grow with your business, the 100W+ module can help you streamline your operations and maximize your resources today and into the future.
100W+ ERT modules are available in two housing designs, supporting both water pit and remote installations. The different 100W+ ERT modules are identified as follows: 
» 100W is to be utilized with encoder registers in a pit environment 
» 100WP for pulser registers in a pit environment • All new 100W ERT modules for pit applications will come standard with a red integral connector port to utilize the optional 100W Through-The-Lid (TTL) antenna 
» 100W-R for encoder registers in remote applications 
» 100WP-R for with pulser registers in remote applications These modules offer advanced two-way meter data collection designed specifically for Itron collection systems using handheld, mobile, fixed network and combination hybrid solutions. 100W ERT modules differentiate themselves from other devices on the market by providing true two-way communications capabilities. Engineered from the ground up to leverage the benefits of ChoiceConnect™ collection systems, 100W ERT modules enable easy migration from mobile to fixed network operations as your business needs evolve. With Itron’s complementary communications technology, fixed and mobile network systems can be deployed side-by-side in hybrid configurations to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability in both high and low-density meter populations.

SCM+: SCM+ is a new message for Itron’s electric, gas and water endpoints. This message transmits more information than previous generation messages, including: » All tampers and alarms (including extended tampers and low battery alarm) » Up to 1/100th gallon resolution of water meters that support 9 dials.

Data Logging: The 100W+ stores 40 days of hourly consumption information, which can be collected by the fixed network system to leverage real time data collection or can be read by mobile or handheld systems. This data is presented in four basic use cases: 

» A reading from any hour within the last 40 days 

» A set of 24 consecutive hourly readings 

» A set of 40 daily readings 

» A set of 40 days of hourly interval data are available even in mobile mode

Water Meter Compatibility: The 100W+ communication module is compatible with water meters from all major manufacturers such as Badger, RG3, Kamstrup, Hersey, Master Meter, Neptune and Sensus, enabling water utilities to consolidate all their water meters under a single reading system. Powered by proven, advanced lithium battery technology; the module is designed for 20 years of battery life in both fixed network and mobile modes.

Superior Performance: The 100W+ communication module utilizes 120 radio channels in fixed network and 50 radio channels in mobile and handheld modes, randomly selecting one channel for each data message. Itron’s unique multi-channel solutions maximize the use of all available bandwidth, allowing more data to flow through the network and enabling faster drive-by speeds. The 100W+ will transmit the fixed network consumption message at peak radiated power greater than 1 Watt.

Reliability: 100W+ communication modules feature a circuit assembly and battery pack that are fully encapsulated within a specially formulated potting material to completely protect internal components from water, contaminants, corrosion, rough handling and temperature cycling. With their straight forward, rugged design, 100W+ communication modules use substantially fewer components than most competing products, resulting in greater reliability. The advanced, integrated antenna operates effectively in a wide range of meter box installations. The 100W+ offers peace of mind with a 20 year limited warranty.

For water utilities whose meter pit environments are harsh and unforgiving, Itron’s 100W+ ERT®

communication module now comes standard with an integral port to accommodate the optional Itron

TTL antenna. The TTL optimizes the read-rate reliability of Itron’s advanced fixed network systems for

water utilities deploying the 100W+ in conditions where flooding is common or in meter pits with

RF-inhibiting lids. The TTL offers utilities unequaled flexibility to collect meter data using Itron’s

ChoiceConnect™ solution whether in advanced mobile AMR, Fixed Network AMI or hybrid data

collection environments.

Mounting Kit for Remote ERT installation

In-Line (quick connect) Connector 25ft.

Kit includes adapter plate, remote mount screws, mounting screws, cable ties and tamper seals.
For factory potting directly to meter register by meter manufacturer

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