Van Wert Company

Exclusive Authorized Distributor of Itron in Iowa

SUSI Flush Mount Panel Adapters (SWA, SWB, SWR, SWS Series)
These Flush, Surface, Retrofit, and Swocket Mount Panel Adapters convert any standard Itron™ socket meter to a small case switchboard meter, eliminating the need to stock or maintain more than one type of metering package. These panel adapters are a low cost way of converting an antiquated switchboard meter to a solid-state metering system using an Itron™ socket meter. It requires no changes to the substation steel panel or its existing cutout for installation.
Available forms are 9S, 5S, and 6S (2, 2 1/2 and 3 elements).
Options: KYZ Output/AUX Power, Test Switch Plate, Test Switch, Large case adapter plate, Cover. 

SWA Flush Mount Panel Adapter

SWB Surface Mount Panel Adapter

SWR Retrofit Socket Adapter

SWS Swocket Panel Adapter

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